Ultima PC

Sirolinus Eluting Coronary Stent System

Ultimate Trackability for Treating Complexityy

Ideal Flexible Approach

Ultima PC offers new generation delivery system with ‘Flexi’ platform providing unmatched delivery in most tortuous vessels.

Enhanced Delivery System

The customized 2-Connector stent design of Ultima PC with thinner structural elements confirms for optimal deliverability.

Proprietary Hypotube

The new shaft design offers optimal force transfer with excellent push-ability and kink resistance allowing high manoeuvrability, justifying its use for the most tortuous vessels.

In this unique long term analysis at 10 years, Ultima PC has shown the lowest rate of Definite/ Probable Stent Thrombosis with a significant risk reduction than Cypher (50%) and numerically lower TLR rates as compared to Xience (29%) while maintaining the similar efficacy.

Comparison of clinical outcomes at 10 years in patients treated with new-generationBP-SES versus new-generation PP-EES versus early generation SES.

Technical Data