Guiding Catheter


AGILE guide catheter is the ideal choice of a healthcare professionals for smooth and fast angioplasty with excellent shape retention.

Product Features:

Unique Hydrophilic Coating


For low resistance in tortuous and calcified anatomy

Reduce vessel spasm in radial approach resulting in more patient comfort

Less trauma to the vessel wall reducing the risk of debris flowing downstream

Precise control

No stick slip effect as the primary secondary curve is not hydrophilic coated

Accurate tip positioning in ostial lesions

Superior back up support

Stainless steel Braiding enables high torque, stability and control

Excellent shape retention during the prolonged procedure time

Largest Inner Lumen

Better contrast flow, also in combination with kissing balloon technique

Wide inner lumen offers expanded device compatibility for large profile devices and enables downsizing.

Wide range of curves available in all french