Trans Angio | Trans Angio TIG 2


Radial Diagnostic Catheter designed for optimum torque control and precise placement.

Product Features:

Enables angiography of both RCA and LCA with one catheter that can potentially:
– Eliminating a catheter exchange step
– Shorten procedure & fluoroscopic time
– Lower cost per procedure

  • Engages with simple clockwise & counter clockwise rotation
  • Soft reduces potential for vessel trauma
  • High Flexibility
  • Superior Surface Smoothness
  • Excellent 1:1 Torque Control as designed double wire stainless steel braiding
  • Large inner lumen for superior flow rates
  • Atraumatic soft tip
  • Max Pressure : 1200 PSI / 84 bar
  • Guidewire Compatibility : 0.038”/ 0.97mm

Product Features: