Trans wire | Trans Hydro Wire


Hydrophilic guide wire covered with polyurethane contains tungsten and a hydrophilic polymer coating for complete, low friction manoeuvrability.

Indicated for use of standard angiography in coronary and peripheral cases, catheterization, peripheral angioplasty and stenting (with or without an exchange wire), and sub intimal angioplasty in small, standard or large proximal or distal vessels.

Product Features:

  • Good Trackability & Traceability
    Nitinol alloy core resists kinking in tortuous anatomy, allowing for easier and faster tracking.
  • Excellent Torque Control
    Elastic material and integrated design allows 1:1 torque response to deliver the guidewire into the target vessel quickly
  • Durable & Lubricant Performance
    Hydrophilic coating offers a durable and smooth approach possible even in tortuous vessels.
  • Preeminent Visualization
    Tungsten blended polymer ensures great visualization under X- ray

Product Specification :